This isn’t a food post today, I wanted to show a few of the pictures I took this summer of my kids.  Now, don’t flash back to memories  of when you had to endure your Great-Aunt Polly’s vacation slides on the dining room wall….a few asked to see them so I am happy to oblige :)

Beautiful hiking trails.


Deep in the gorge at Turkey Run State Park in Rockville, Indiana.  July, 2011
Trying to walk over the log…Jacob gave up!

This state park has areas of untouched virgin timber. Simply breathtaking views and fabulous trails for all ages.  We did all of them but 3 only because we got a late start.  also, we were starving!!  It’s quite a workout..plus it was crazy hot out!

The boys wanted me to take this…”pushing” over the tree ;)  Sure, guys…

Site of the Covered Bridge Festival every October

At home…..

A lot of fishing in the back yard…
Quiet time….

We spent some time, well a lot of time really, in Bloomington my hometown. We have a place at Lake Monroe so it is our home away from home. We hated to come home but that just makes it all the more sweet when we can get back there :)
I took a few hundred pictures of our time there and most are not ones that I really want to share (think: me in a swimsuit…YIKES). One thing I did NOT photograph while there?? You guessed it! FOOD! Yes, I took a real break. And man did it feel great!

On the water…..

The 2 of them rarely got out of the water!

Don’t laugh at my hat!  It was windy ;)

Canoeing on Salt Creek at the mouth of Lake Monroe but in a different county.

As it opened at the lake.  Beautiful day, VERY deep water…..

I loved the reflection of the trees in the water. Beautiful limestone, too!

This fish jumped into our canoe! The boys screamed, it was hilarious!

This was a part we did not see on the way down..That is because we took the wrong fork and went 1 mine out of our way!

Story Inn.  Beautiful cabins nestled in Beautiful Brown County Indiana.  We have stayed there many times and always eat at the restaurant here.  You would never think this but inside this old general store is one of the best restaurants around.  And the New York Times, Bon Appetite, Gourmet and Food & Wine agree :)  They have been featured in all of those publications!

Full view.  Supposedly it is haunted as well ;)

On our last boat day :(  One of my favorite pictures!

As the sun was setting.  We were killing time until the concert started at the marina!  It was for an 80’s tribute band.  It was actually great and the Boys loved it!

The Boys have brought home quite a collection of Geodes over the years….

On the deck back at our place right before we left.



  • Mia

    Wonderful pictures, Heather. Btw – I love your hat! LOL

  • isabelleathome

    very nice pics. It was nice seeing you today :)

  • Amanda

    haha. when i read the part about slides on dining wall, i chuckled. i recently had to do that. but your pictures are very nice!

  • Nathan Miller

    Love Turkey Run!

  • Jim

    Sugar Creek ran right behind where I grew up. We used to canoe down from there through Turkey Run. It was a couple day trip, with camping and fishing for catfish. I miss that creek.

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