Going back to school can be stressful.  Not just for our kids but for us.  We may feel like summer went by too fast (or for some not fast enough), we didn’t budget for school supplies or our expectations exceed our reality.  Sometimes we need a kick in the hiney, a nudge-a first step.  Cherie Lowe, AKA The Queen of Free, is sharing her tested tips on how to save money and save our sanity.

Cherie Lowe knows a thing or two about being frugal.  She recently paid off over $125,000 in debt.  It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t quick but through faith and perseverance they did it.  Read all about it HERE.

Lunches, school supplies and clothes? Hear how YOU can save money while still providing what your kids actually need to start the new school year off right.

Back to School Basics Top 10 

5 Tips and Tricks for packing a Lunch Successfully

Top 10 Things to Remember at Back to School Time

Stocking up Where You Least Expect It

Celebrating a New Year

Read more about the Queen of Free and her journey to financial freedom HERE

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