Indiana Caverns Opening Weekend! Repost

June 20, 2014 by Heather Tallman with 1 comment


Indiana Caverns celebrates 1 year anniversary!

Far below the surface of the rolling hills of Southern Indiana lies a recently opened cavern system that is now open to the public.  Indiana Caverns, Indiana’s newest cavern attraction, opened on June 15th to rave review especially from my kids!


The welcome center has drinks, bathrooms and a great gift shop!

I wish I had better pictures to share of our experience but as you can imagine it is dark in there. What I really liked is that our guide was knowledgeable, the tour was just the right length and the boat ride was smooth.  The cool air and the completely undisturbed formations were a pretty awesome sight to see!


This is only part of the map to the lengthy cavern system!

The Binkley Cave System is Indiana’s largest and the 11th longest in the United States.  On Saturday, February 11th, 2012, a connection between Blowing Hole and Binkley Caves was discovered. The Binkley cave system is the 11th longest in the nation and the longest in Indiana. Their combined length totals 35.89 miles with more passageways awaiting discovery. With this new discovery, a public entrance to Binkley Cave could now be created to allow visitors into the cave system. Previously all entrances were located on private property with restricted access. Information courtesy of Indiana Caverns.


This is the best shot I could get of the bones on a ledge far below where we were standing.

My kids and I are pretty interested in geology and rocks so this trip and all of the history we learned was right up our alley.  Southern Indiana is salted with caves, caverns and several of them (like this one) are open to the public and offer tours. I would never recommend entering a cave structure that is not monitored and run by someone who knows what they are doing.


The cavern was-CAVERNOUS!

I was dying to reach out and touch rock walls that had remained untouched for thousands of years. It is just amazing to me to see what is right under our feet and only recently discovered!


An area that is being excavated for bones and fossils. They seemed to be everywhere!

Make sure to bring a sweatshirt as the caverns are a constant 50-ish degrees all year round.  Wear comfortable shoes as well. This is suitable (in my opinion) for children over the age of 4. Bring a few extra dollars for a little something fun from the gift shop :)

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  • Kimby | a little lunch

    Heather, I’ve always enjoyed touring caves, but didn’t realize Indiana had such an array of them! I’m like you, wanting to “connect” with those old rocks… so much history and so fascinating to see. (But I respect the “do not touch” rule!) Glad your boys enjoyed the outing, too. Sounded like a great family thing to do!

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