I Just Want To Thank You……

September 2, 2011 by Heather Tallman with 66 comments

EEK!  I didn’t see that shadow….

Well, the day is finally here!  I can not tell you how excited I am to be bringing you this WONDERFUL giveaway of my FAVORITE products from Indiana!

Do you know why? 

Not only do I want to share a few of my favorite things with you but I also want to THANK YOU ALL for reading my posts on this site, commenting, sharing it on FACEBOOK and TWITTER and joining me everyday on the Basilmomma Facebook page.  You are all a part of a wonderful community and I truly treasure each and every one of you.

Every day for the next 5 days I will be featuring a few of the products I am giving away along with a brief description of the item as well as a little history about the company.  Each of the items I am giving away mean a little something to me so I want to share their stories with you!

Want to know how you can win?

1. Leave me a comment on this post telling me what your favorite item is from your state of residence.  Something you can buy or that it is known for.  You don’t have to go into detail…just tell me what you love.
2. Share this giveaway on your Facebook wall and make sure to tag my page so I know to give you an extra entry.
3. Tweet the following message: @Basilmomma has a great giveaway of her favorite products from Indiana at http://www.basilmomma.blogspot.com
4. Every day when I feature one of the items you will get an entry for leaving a comment.

You can possibly have 4 entries every day!

The winner will be drawn on Tuesday September 6th at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard time.
I am sorry (I really am) but this giveaway is for residents of the United States only.  Again…I am SO sorry.

But wait…there’s more!!

There will be a separate drawing for ALL SITE OWNERS if you give me the web address of your site in your comment!  What is the prize you ask?  The winner of this second drawing will win a gift from
Pip Designs: Blog Makeovers by Tara !!
 This is a prize worth $45 and is the package #2 on her site that includes:  Custom background,Custom header,Custom font for sidebar titles, post date, and post titles,Choice of template,Signature Button with grab code,Favicon,post divider,navigation bar with 8-10 tabs (add images instead of text for $5).

*You will be responsible for ALL other add on’s and the rest can be negotiated with Tara herself :) See her link and Package # 2 for all of the details.  Tara designed my blog and I can not tell you what a lifesaver that was!!

What am I giving away you ask?

FARMfood cookbook (signed) by Chef Daniel Orr
Shoup’s Barbecue Sauce and Shoup’s Seasoning
2 gourmet marshmallows from 240sweet Artisan
2 spices from Marion- Kay Spice Company
2 jars of preserves from Dillman Farms
Rum Infused Maple Syrup from Burtons Maplewood Farms
A shopping bag from Vera Bradley Designs
A beautiful necklace from Literally Inspired (not from Indiana but I love her work!)

Please visit these wonderful sites!  I have linked all of them so you can check out their products as well as learn a little bit about why I love each of them.  Almost all of these products (companies) come from someone who I know and I am happy to do business with.  They are also members of  the Indiana Artisan Marketplace.

So, again, I want to tell you all thank you for taking a little time out of each of your days to read what I have posted here. I am so glad you all want to read about my culinary hits and misses and all of the life that happens along the way!

Bon Appetite!

*winners will be selected from Random.org and each entry will be assigned a number.  Numbers (not names) will be drawn.  Thanks!!

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  • Nelly Rodriguez

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  • kat88

    Wisconsin is known for there cheese! So i gotta go with the cheese on this one :)

  • Cole

    Peaches, nothing as sweet as a fresh Georgia peach!!! Of course the pecans are fantastic also!!

  • Denise D

    Not sure of any certain food Las Vegas is known for,…but we are known for our fabulous buffets! :)

  • Mindy

    Hmmm…favorite Kentucky product??? I’ll go for our locally raised meats. :-)

  • Nicole Hutchison

    Well, I am originally from the Bluegrass of Kentucky and it’s known for its Derby Pie and Bourbon. However, I married a Texan and the Lone Star State is known for its smoked brisket and Tex-Mex.

  • So Cavalier

    Heather – what a great giveaway! Well, there’s lots of great things from Ohio… I would have to say that recently I am most excited about the surge of sustainable farms close to me… my favorite is Miller Livestock Co – best meats and cheeses around –

  • kat88

    I also shared this page on my facebook wall and made sure to tag you in it :)

  • Denise D

    I posted your giveaway on my page, plus I Tweeted :) And here is my web page… ( I am fromIndiana and I am so excited about your give-away!!!_ :)


  • Missy Flickinger

    Yes Missouri has the best BBQ but that us jot what I will say is what we are known for. I live in northeast Missouri & there are several little restaurants that have BIG names. The Pear Tree in Bevier has the beat onion rings while @lula’s in Moberly has the best steak!

  • Amee

    What do I love from Georgia….http://www.bellplantation.com/ PB2 powdered peanut butter!!! It’s awesome in shakes and smoothies. :)

  • Jenny Parris Akers

    Virginia Baked Hams. We’ve been curing them since the 17th century!!!

  • Liz @ Two Maids a Milking

    I love Sugar Cream Pie from Indiana!!! I also love Shoup’s and Dillman Farms!! I saw a group of the Indiana Artisan folks at Dig In over the weekend!!

  • Zestuous

    My favorite item from Texas has to be slow-smoked barbecue turkey…and not just for Thanksgiving :)

  • Barb, sfo

    Does my KIDS’ favorite count? They have one that’s so local it’s practically limited to our Zip code: Boost. No, not the nutrition shake, but a syrup that makes a soft drink when mixed with water. Kind of like coca-cola without the bubbles. It’s great as a Slushie too. People around here drink it instead of coffee or soda.

  • Krista

    I have 2 faves from Indiana! Wicks Sugar Cream Pie and Vera Bradley!!! Love the shopping bag!

    Everyday Mom’s Meals

  • Amanda

    Here in illinois we have wonderful pumpkins….I love fall.

  • Busy Crock Pot Mom

    I live in Michigan, and I hate to say it, but Faygo (it’s soda) is what we’re known for, and Better Made Chips. Both are guilty pleasures!

  • Busy Crock Pot Mom

    I shared it on A Busy Mom’s Slow Cooker Adventures wall, but I’ll also share it on my personal wall!

  • Busy Crock Pot Mom

    Tweeted the giveaway!!!

  • The Better Baker

    We love the ‘homemade’ maple syrup that is processed from trees here in Ohio. What an awesome giveaway! You are GREAT! =)

  • Anonymous

    I am from Houston and I would say the Texas Pepper Works Candy-Krisp Jalapenos poured over a block of cream cheese, served with crackers, is always a hit at every get-together!

    My site: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Busy-Bees-Recipe-Exchange/184136214992013

  • Foodness Gracious

    Here in California it has to be the avocados, great with some mexican dishes.
    Thanks again..

  • Diana. Bushneck@gmail.com

    Yay!!! I am so happy for you! I have been anticipating this giveaway for some time now :-) my favorite Illinois product is fresh, local peaches from Southern Illinois!

    Ps I could really use the blog makeover :-)

  • The Berry Family Six

    Hmmmm…am from Indiana and would have to go with a good sugar cream pie, or some persimmon pudding, or some fresh sweet corn, or a ripe juicy tomato with garden-fresh green beans…the options are limitless!! :) ♥♥♥

  • The Culinary Lens

    NY best export Juniors Cheesecake. This is a great giveaway

  • Anonymous

    In Kentucky,that would be bourbon. Buffalo Trace.

  • isabelleathome

    OH my…I want that blog makeover! :)

  • heather

    Conecuh Sausage http://www.conecuhsausage.com/default.aspx (they ship!!!)
    I use it in place of andouille or on the grill or wrapped in bacon and sprinkled with brown sugar…. it’s awesome. My favorites are the Spicy and Hot Hickory and the Cajun…. sooooo goood!

  • Lesa @Edesia's Notebook

    I am from Indiana too, but currently living in Michigan. The best thing that Michigan is known for is its lovely fruit, especially cherries. I love picking up a pint of fresh Michigan cherries at the farmers market on Friday mornings!

    I too would love the blog makeover! http://edesiasnotebook.blogspot.com

  • Barb

    Definitely orange juice from the sunny state of FL!

    barbs562 AT gmail DOT com

  • Nonna

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Nonna

    I love me some Florida strawberries : )


  • Barb

    shared via Facebook two ways (not sure how to tag your giveaway!


  • Barb


  • Barb

    my blog addy: http://flmoms-winterbabe98.blogspot.com/

  • Carolina HeartStrings

    South Carolina has a company named Firefly Vodka. They make a Sweet Tea Vodka that is to die for. Watch for on Monday recipe which is how to make homemade Apple Vodka….

  • Michaela

    Since Nebraska is the Cornhusker state… I am going to have to go with CORN!! ;)

    My site is: anaffairfromtheheart.blogspot.com


  • carolinaheartstrings

    NC has a lot of famous products. Lets see Krispy Kreme donuts. Yep great. Cheerwine. Even better. They even combined the two and made a donut. Now that was fantastic!

  • Jenna @ Newlyweds

    Wow great giveaway. Well my part of texas is known for great seafood and mexican food mix.


  • Amy Boney

    Favorite local product would absolutely have to be BBQ Hash from Ward’s BBQ here in Sumter, SC. All the food is amazing there but the hash is something you can’t find anywhere else!! When I moved away I missed it so much & when I moved back it was the first thing I introduced to my kids. I love the stuff so much :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m from Central PA so Amish food is readily available but my hands down favorite is DelGrosso’s Spaghetti Sauce … owned by a wonderful family and they also own a family oriented amusement park … good prices and good homemade food!

  • Rhondi

    I’m from Texas, so we are known for bbq and Tex-Mex. My favorite condiments to buy from my favorite restaurants are bbq sauce and salsa. YUM!

  • basketladydi

    Okay…Western NY is known for Wings of course!!! But, no that is not my favorite. It would be Maple Syrup. And then in second….Salen’s hotdogs. Yes….they are sooo much better. And I’m not even a hotdog fan. But, you’ve got to put Weber’s Mustard on them!!
    I’ve had fun ordering Made in Buffalo boxes at Christmas and shipping them to my friends.

  • Safire

    Maryland is known for their blue crabs, but I don’t like them. :) I do love their blueBERRIES though. :)

  • Safire

    I tweeted!

  • Safire

    My blog address is: http://www.waterfalling-up.com

  • Lisa

    Let’s see, my favorite item from Texas…good ol’ Texas salsa and Shiner beer! :) Oh, and let’s not forget Blue Bell ice cream from the little creamery in Brenham. I also love bluebonnets, but you can’t eat those.

    And I would love a blog makeover! My current blog is http://scenicroutetojoy.blogspot.com, but I’ve got an idea for a new one, I could just use some help getting it started. :)

  • Joan

    Being from Georgia I should say peaches but I love pecans!

    I would love a blog makeover, you can find me at

  • Libby

    My favorite Louisiana food are pralines!! Yummmm!

    For the blog makeover, you can find me at:

  • Libby

    I made a FB post and tagged you :) Also tweeted it ;)

  • The Better Baker

    That blog makeover would make me do cartwheels!!! YEEEEEEHAW!! My site addy is http://www.thebetterbaker.blogspot.com

  • Valerie Gardner

    From South Carolina….I have to say peaches!

    Valerie ~ Simple Fare, Fairly Simple

    Great giveaway, Heather!!

  • tawnya

    I’m from IN, too!! We love many of the homemade jams from Spencer Farms in Noblesville, IN! We also love their home grown produce!

  • Judy

    Being from Indiana it’s tough to choose…but I will narrow it to 2 (sorry–couldn’t pick just one!) Love Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie (I and I’m lucky enough to have a “passed down” recipe that’s to die for), and also love the pork tenderloin sandwiches which are said to have originated in Indiana as well.

  • Ellie

    I’m originally from NY and my favorite thing(s) from there are Sabrette hotdogs topped with the red onion sauce from a street vendor and a nice big ooey gooey cheesy slice of NY pizza.
    Now I’m in Idaho…who doesn’t love a good spud? :D

  • Ellie

    Also posted it on my Facebook wall and tagged your page in it.

  • Anonymous

    Posted on my wall but I cannot tag you.
    Posting here also. :o)


  • Anonymous

    Sorry forgot the link

  • Amanda

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Sarah Davis

    <3 the chocolate and peanut butter buckeye candies!

  • Reenie Wood

    I’m an NYC girl! We’re famous for our pizza, but there’a also a lot of breweries here (I love Brooklyn Breweries pale ale), so hopefully we’ll become famous for our beer soon as well!

    Thank you for all the great recipes & the fab givaway. I’m now dreaming about what I can do with rum infused maple syrup!

  • Sarah Davis


  • thefooddoctor

    You have a wonderful blog and I really enjoy reading it :)
    my blog is http://thefooddoctor.wordpress.com

  • Lark (SparkyLarky)@ Lark's Country Heart

    Heather…I love that you are highlighting YOUR favorites!
    Nevada is known for “Sin City” and Lark’s Country Heart FUDGE! :)

    I am sharing this on my wall tonight!


  • trooppetrie

    The Army currently has us in NC and I have found nothing. But I grew up in WV and WV to me says Snyders potato chips, tudors biscuits and frost top root beer. Oh man, now i want to go hom

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