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Indiana Dunes Lakeshore

Indiana Dunes Lakeshore

Indiana Dunes Lakeshore There are things we do every year as a family that my kids look forward to. Heck- I look forward to them as well. But these little events that we love are the ones that are filled with downtime, good food, no alarms set, beach reads and frisbees. Flip flops, 3 days…

Traverse City

Traverse City, Michigan- Sips, Sights and Snacks

Traverse City , Michigan- Our Summer Trip Ever since we got back from Traverse City, Michigan a few weeks ago I have been going on and on about we cannot wait to go back. From the beautiful drive from our doorstep to theirs, this was a trip where not one of us had one complaint….

Bonobo Winery

Sneak Peek of Bonobo Winery, Old Mission Peninsula- Traverse City, Michigan

Preview of Bonobo Winery Earlier this summer you may have noticed that we were in Michigan for a while. We started in Traverse City, then traveled southwest to Silver Lake, Holland then home. It was one of the best trips we have ever taken and we were only 7-ish hours from home. I cannot overstate…


Visiting Corydon, Indiana on a Father’s Day Adventure!

Corydon Indiana   I was at a loss as to what to do to celebrate Father’s Day with my family.  We asked my husband what he wanted to do and he said ‘Surprise me’. Now I don’t know about you, but those words strike fear in even the best of weekend planners. I wanted to…


West Baden Springs and a Romantic Renewal

West Baden , French Lick Indiana – Repost from 8/2012! As my families summer travel season is winding down, I wanted to end on a high note.  I started at the top, most northern part of Indiana, and worked my way southward.  Our road trip adventures ended in scenic and historic  West Baden and French Lick , Indiana….


DunesWalk Inn and The Indiana Dunes

Every year my little family and I pack up and head north to Chesterton, Indiana and spend 3 laid back days in the Indiana Dunes area.  Sweeping bluffs, tall dunes, swaying grasses and powdery white sand beckon to you as soon as you pull into the state park area.  The water is cool, clean and…


Exploring Squire Boone Caverns and Ziplining Adventures! Family Fun Summer

Squire Boone Caverns Zipline My family doesn’t know this but I have a bucket list of sorts. Not just for where I want to go or what I want to learn how to cook, but things I want to try. Experiences that I am either too afraid to try, don’t know how to do it…

Bluespring Caverns and a Creamy Greek Pasta Salad….

Originally Published in the Greenwood Daily Journal Saturday August 11, 2012 All it took was one email from the school reminding me that registration for the 2012-2013 school year was coming up to get anxious about our summer break drawing to a close. We still had so many things we wanted to do,places to go…


Indiana Caverns Opening Weekend! Repost

Indiana Caverns celebrates 1 year anniversary! Far below the surface of the rolling hills of Southern Indiana lies a recently opened cavern system that is now open to the public.  Indiana Caverns, Indiana’s newest cavern attraction, opened on June 15th to rave review especially from my kids! I wish I had better pictures to share…

Summer Fun, Traveling to Turkey Run State Park, Lake Monroe and Our Own Back Yard!

This isn’t a food post today, I wanted to show a few of the pictures I took this summer of my kids.  Now, don’t flash back to memories  of when you had to endure your Great-Aunt Polly’s vacation slides on the dining room wall….a few asked to see them so I am happy to oblige…