Back to School Lunch Organization- Giveaway!

Hey busy parents! It’s back to school lunch time and as much as I will miss my kids (because I will) what I will miss more are the carefree days of summer when I didn’t have to schedule grocery shopping trips and plan out lunch menus for my kids. We ate whatever- whenever. I think we all can relate here.

So when the folks at Azteca wanted to share their new preservative free tortillas with me AND a chance to help you all get more organized, I jumped at that chance. Below you will see the prize pack that I received to test out for myself. It was great timing because both of my kids needed a new ‘big kid’ lunch container. A few years ago I noticed that we went through SO many plastic food storage bags that I decided to invest in a few of these ‘Bento-style’ containers. We have used them to death and even my husband takes one to work.

lunchbox giveaway

Joining forces with Azteca, I am sharing their new no preservative flour tortilla options available in the refrigerated aisle at Kroger stores. They are so tender and fresh, wrap very well, and are available in fajita, taco, burrito and new mini sizes. All Azteca’s No Preservative flour options contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or flavors. Tortillas make a regular appearance in our lunch menu from veggie/hummus wraps to fruit/yogurt/granola. Think outside the PB&J to create new combos- all wrapped in a perfect, little Azteca tortilla.

Yogurt, strawberry and granola tortilla


Strawberry, Yogurt and Granola Wrap

4 Azteca no preservative tortillas (found in the refrigerated area)

2 small cartons of low-fat yogurt flavor of your choice

6 strawberries, washed, trimmed and sliced

3/4 C granola

Lay out tortillas, spread an even amount of yogurt on each one.

Top with strawberries (or any berry), granola and wrap horizontally.

Slice in half.

Store in lunchbox or wrap tightly in plastic.


Back to School Lunch

Just fill each compartment with small bites. Remember: between finding their seats, talking and eating- there isn’t much time. Just pack a few bits of this and that so no food goes to waste.

Back to School Lunch

Add color to your lunches with veggies, fruit- or my kids favorite: cherry tomatoes!

Want to win a back to school prize pack?

We have created a special prize pack to help you get back to school ready. The prize pack includes:

  • $50 Kroger Gift Card
  • Azteca Free Product Coupon
  • Meal Planning Notepad
  • Tupperware Containers
  • Dry Erase Wall Decal Calendar

Because in a perfect world we can be this organized. I think this wall calendar and planning notepad will help. It sure helps me!

lunchbox giveaway


Leave me ONE comment below telling me what YOUR kids like in their lunchboxes. I will randomly draw ONE winner on Wednesday, August 20 at 9 pm est. Winner will be notified via email and have 24 hours to respond. Prize pack will be shipped from Azteca directly and not come from me.

Whereas I was also given a prize pack in compensation, all opinions in this post are my own. I just really wanted to give one of you this great prize :)


  1. Alina Hahn says

    My son wants me to make those lunches for him where it has a “theme” like the food looks like an animal or a person or a cartoon character. Well I’m not that creative so I might try one day. For now he loves bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, fruit, milk and sometimes I can convince him to eat some meat in the form of chicken nuggets :-)

  2. Erika Lovelace says

    Trying very hard to turn around lunches to a more healthy well balanced meal. My daughter has taking sallad with lots of extra sides in baggies so this would be a great help with that! My son is taking Nutella sandwich and pretzel crisps and fruit.

  3. Marsha says

    My children are grown but my daughter in law, who is a elementary school teacher, would love to carry a Caesar Salad in this for her lunch!

  4. LauraG says

    Single with no kids, but I pack my own lunch for healthier choices. My fav: ww wraps with shredded chicken tossed in berry vinaigrette with baby spinach. On the side: corn/bean/chopped veggie salsa-style salad. Fills me up, satisfies the need for crunchy foods and the hint of sweetness in the dressing staves off the desire for dessert.

  5. Ivy says

    I pack lunches for my boy and he loves fresh fruit, cold cut sandwiches and something salty. I hate the stuff, but he sometimes get cottage cheese with cucumbers if I’m feeling generous. 😉

  6. sara haaf says

    My son loves sandwhiches, grapes, and crackers. I might need to start using wraps though to cut down on sogginess.

  7. Cindy Martin says

    My son loves taking his lunch. He loves strawberries so I’m liking the strawberry and yogurt wrap!

  8. Terri D. says

    They love veggies and dip, any type of wrap, and something sweet like fruit or a cookie! They prefer home lunches over the schools lunches!

  9. Judy says

    My kids are grown, but I would love to take MY lunch to school in that….does that count?? I’m pretty much a hard boiled egg, salad, fruit & veggie sticks kind of girl.

  10. Rachel says

    Both my kids like peanut butter wraps (or “fake” peanut butter for my son with food allergies) with organic granola, raisins, and just a few chocolate chips. They eat this every Friday; we’d love Aztec wraps for our Friday lunches! :)

  11. says

    Oh man. Lilly just started kindergarten at week and this first week has been a huge learning curve! While she usually likes fresh veggies and snacks like Pepperoni or deli meat, she’s been coming home with a full lunch bag and barely any of her food eaten! Hopefully she’s just making new friends and too distracted to eat because my go-to lunch foods aren’t working right now!

  12. Ben says

    Goodness. My first grade son will not eat “PB&J” at home for anything. But given a wide range of choices at school, he always picks PB&J while his girlfriends (yes, 1st grade) ALWAYS choose PB&NOJ. This started in Kindergarten. Yes, even the girlfriends. I’m curious is packing something else in a box for him might get him to experiment a little more at lunch.

  13. Melissa Bruno says

    With 5 children, our lunch organization could use some help. Their favorite lunch is banana, Nutella roll up on a tortillas. With an athlete she eats all day long (little meals) at school she has worn out her Benito boxes. (She is a senior this year) This would be cool.

  14. Nicole Brown says

    My daughter frequently takes hickory smoked tuna. She also loves anything she can dip. It is mandatory that she has at least one sweet treat in her lunch. :)

  15. Elle says

    My son loves peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, apple juice, grapes or apple slices and usually pretzels or graham crackers in his lunches.

  16. kristen mcclary says

    my kids love there bento boxes they love fruit so that is ALWAYS in there they also like carrots with ranch and celery with peanut butter we switch them out and they like either meat sandwiches or crackers with cheese and meat

  17. Martina W. says

    I have a niece I make lunch for and she loves BBQ chicken in pitas with some lettuce! I normally try to include a fruit on the side as well.

  18. Linda F. says

    They like when I pack turkey sandwiches on whole wheat with tomato, water bottles, apple slices or grapes for the fruit and either pretzels or pudding.

  19. Eve B. says

    I like to pack tuna or turkey sandwiches, water, a fruit and some other type of snack, whatever I currently have in the house like pudding cups or chips.

  20. Dani says

    I like to pack yogurt, water, fruit which is whatever I currently have in the house (nothing specific) and usually graham crackers or a similar type of snack.

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