NEW Dairy-Free Cream Filled Chocolate Bars From Endangered Species Chocolate



I love good chocolate. I am not one to turn to the super-sweet, mass produced varieties when I need a fix.  I can wait for the good stuff. My preferences run the gamut from dark (around 65% cacao) to 75%. I like mine with bit of something adding to the flavor like coffee, salted caramel, sea salt or almonds. That one square that I allow myself is just enough to satisfy that craving.

What I like even better is the chocolate that I enjoy most is all made in Indiana. From rich hot fudge by Best Boy & Co to truffles from The Best Chocolate in Town, handmade Mayan bars from Chocolate of the Spirit to one of the options from BluBoy and Debrand– Indiana is chock full of options. High on my list are the exquisite bars from Endangered Species. These are not your run of the mill chocolate bar. They are chocolates with a purpose.

Their newest creation is the first of it’s kind: Dairy-free cream filled chocolate bars.  The Filled Bars, premium chocolate bars filled with pillows of natural dairy-free crème. Each delicious bite is layered with a 10% Promise to support species, habitat and humanity. Simply put: 10% from each bar goes to help the species pictured on the label. This is the inside label of the blueberry cream filled bar. Check out the infographic they share with each consumer describing how their purchase helped. In this case the featured species is the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee.  Don’t get me started on the plight of bees- this is something that I actually worry about (we need those bees!).


What I loved the most about the 2 I have sampled (so far…) is that the flavor is subtle and not overwhelming. I am indulging in a square that is not making me feel guilty in the least.

You can find these online HERE as well as at your local Kroger and natural food locations nationwide. I recommend visiting their website or asking them on Twitter @ESC_Chocolate  for more specific locations.



I was given samples from Endangered Species to try. Because I loved them so much and I like the good that they can do- I shared about it here with you all. Like everything- all opinions are my own. 


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