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Who doesn’t love a baseball game? The roar of the crowd, the crack of the bat, the fun in the stands. It is the ultimate in family togetherness, in my opinion.  We are a baseball family and in my lifetime I cannot tell you how many Indianapolis Indians Games I have attended at both the old and new stadiums.  I will tell you that I have seen very few minor league parks that are nicer.  None actually.  It is an affordable night out, plenty of fun activities to keep the kids engaged and a nice lawn seating area where you can bring in small packs of picnic meals, drinks, etc.


The team has given me 4 tickets to use for a future 2013 season home game and I am giving them to one of YOU! There are SO many promotions they run throughout the week and especially on Sunday home games like free kids meals, theme nights and so much more.  Head to their website for the complete schedule and details on upcoming events. On a side note, my friend Katy at Indianapolis with Kids runs a separate weekly promotion giving away tickets as well.


Winning the 4 pack of tickets is simple.  This is a giveaway that is for my loyal subscribers-all 6000+ of you.  If you are in the area or plan to be this summer then please enter.  If not you can share this with your friends and family who may enjoy this giveaway.  Either way I appreciate you following along on all of my adventures and this is one of the many ways I intend on thanking you :)



Here’s how you enter:

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If you are not a subscriber YET then please use the handy link below to enter your email address and be included on updates on all of my future posts.  Here is a bit of info about that: I DO NOT use your email addresses for anything and you will NOT get something from me every day.  Even if I posted several times that week the posts are stacked. Plainly speaking I will not fill your inbox with junk. Ever.

You can, as always, leave me a comment below. I love to hear from you and love to read what you have to say! But it will NOT count as an entry.  Please respond to your subscriber email OR subscribe to be entered.

Giveaway runs NOW– Sunday June 23 at 9 am est. Winner will be randomly drawn and notified via email.

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  1. Alina Hahn says

    I’m a subscriber but I don’t see the email – I got one yesterday but nothing today :-(