Patti’s Popcorn on #KitchenSinkRadio 2/28

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I have often wondered what it takes to get a new product or small business off of the ground.  Where do you start? How do you overcome your fears?

So when I come across someone who is doing just that I simply have to share!  A few months ago I heard my friend Lori AKA The Produce Mom talking about her love of Patti’s Popcorn and I was intrigued.  I too have a love of a well made popcorn (DUH-I live in Indiana), like TPM, so I knew I had to have her on the show.

Alma (known by friends as Patti) started Patti’s Popcorn in her kitchen with a small 4oz popper.  She shared her new tasty treats with friends and co workers at El Popocatepetl (El Popo for short) Tortillas in Chicago.  They fell in love and suggested that she grow this into a business and has been working hard and doing it ever since!

I love her story of hard work, tirelessly long hours and determination to see her dream come to fruition, and I just know you will too.

Listen LIVE at 11 pm est on or after on Itunes and on my site at

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And on Twitter at @pattispopcorn

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